Monday, December 17, 2012

Your Hot-Weather Skin Issues Solved!


By the end of winter, most of us are eagerly counting the days for summer to start, but with the warmth of summer brings new issues for our beauty routines. Keep your skin in control and your makeup on this summer with this hot-weather skin tips. 

 Skin Issues #1 – Bug Bites Who doesn’t suffer from the occasional bug bite? Annoying, I know. Even after we’ve suffered through the itch, for some of us, we have a dark spot left over which sometimes appears to be a scar but is actually post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation. 

This post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation is triggered by skin injuries such as cuts, bruises and bug bites. It causes an over production of melanin in the skin leading to those pesky dark spots. So always remember to use a bug spray when spending time outdoors in the summer. You can pick up some Bert’s Bees herbal insect repellent for around $8

Resolution #1 – If you were just bitten. The faster you control the swelling, the easier it will be to get rid of the dark spot. Apply 1-percent over-the-counter hydro-cortisone cream to calm the skin and soothe the itching.

Aveeno makes a Oatmeal bath treatment which is very soothing and calm to the skin, can help swelling, and also is hydrating and softening.  

Resolution #2 – If you already have a dark spot. You can fade post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation with hydroquinone, a lightening agent. 

The 4-percent cream is the most effective but requires a prescription. Apply it twice a day and use SPF daily to keep the mark from getting darker. Number one rule to using hydroquinone, Be patient: It can take up to 6 months for the mark to disappear. Even longer if the mark is old or your skin is dark.  

Skin Issues #2 – Super Shiny Skin Got an overly dewy complexion? Blame Mother Nature. When the temperature is higher the body will secrete more oil, and humidity accentuate the oil. No one wants to reflect images off their forehead, and there’s ways of making sure that won’t happen this summer.  
Resolution #1 – If you face is oily all over Use a cleanser with 0.5 percent to 1 percent salicylic acid, like Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser which runs about $26. It keeps pores clean so oil can flow out. But never wash more than twice a day. This can strip the skin, causing oil glands to kick into high-production.  

Resolution #2 – If your t-zone is feeling slick Use a regular cleanser all over your face, then wipe your forehead, nose and chin with an oil-controlling toner. Stick with an oil-free SPF product like Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer, priced around $22, during the day to fight shiny skin and prevent sun damage. Also, always set liquid foundation with a powder to help reduce shine.

Skin Issue #3 – Makeup meltdowns One good rule for keeping your makeup in place: use less! Try sheer foundation or tinted moisturizers and dab concealer only where you need it. Opt for powder shadows and blushes and gel eyeliners – they have more staying power. 

Resolutions #1 – Before you leave the house To help stop makeup from trickling down your face, try a trick of the pro’s by gently pressing a cream deodorant onto your forehead, hairline and along temples with a sponge after you do your makeup, try Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant, it costs about $15 or budge-proof your makeup with a silicone-based mattifier like Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender which will cost you about $40.

Resolution #2 – If you’re already sweaty Press blotting papers onto your face to sop up moisture without messing up your makeup. If your eyeshadow is creasing rub a cotton swab back and forth over your lids until it’s blended.

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