Monday, December 31, 2012

Womazing: An introduction to the woman amazingness

Some of you might be asking what the heck this post is? and what is womazing? Well...Yes, This blog was meant to help women with their beauty questions and needs. I hope to help women with any and all of the knowledge I have learned so far in the beauty industry with tips and tricks of the trade to help you feel more beautiful and knowledgeable when it comes to purchasing cosmetics and skincare products.

But I think its super important for women, young and old alike, to find a love for themselves for who they really are. To build self esteem, to stand up for their feelings, to be strong when it feels impossible, to look past imperfections and in fact embrace them. No amount of makeup or products will make you love yourself if you do not already... and I hope, even if it be just be one woman, I can help someone find love for themselves.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Product Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance & Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

Today I'm going to be talking about two different products from Too Faced, Their regular Shadow Insurance anti-crease eyeshadow primer and their Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue meant for locking down glitters and loose shimmers to avoid messy fallout.

I've been eyeing both these products for quite some time before purchasing them, but I told myself I would wait until I had used up at least two more of the eye primers I already owned, and I must admit I didn't end up waiting.
 They were just staring at me while shopping in Sephora one day and before I fully knew what was happening I was at the counter purchasing not one but two of these tubes, and I'm happy to say I'm so glad I did and disappointed I waited! 

Choosing and Caring for your Makeup Brushes

Do you skip on buying a set of makeup brushes because the variety is intimidating? Do you apply most of your makeup with the same brush? Today I'll be covering what various makeup brushes are designed for, which brushes you need in your beauty arsenal, and how to properly care for them.

Makeup brushes are essential to great makeup applications and could be the deciding factor between having a not-so-great or a flawless face of makeup. 

Many women avoid brushes for the mere price of buying them, they can get pricey but it's an investment that's worth paying a little more. A good set of high-quality brushes can last you years, you might never have to replace them if you take care of them correctly. 

Low-quality brushes could potentially cost you more money than investing in a set of high-quality brushes due to having to consistently replace them. In a nutshell, here are the main difference between high-quality and low-quality brushes:

Your Hot-Weather Skin Issues Solved!


By the end of winter, most of us are eagerly counting the days for summer to start, but with the warmth of summer brings new issues for our beauty routines. Keep your skin in control and your makeup on this summer with this hot-weather skin tips. 

Pros & Cons of the Ionic Blow Dryer


Looking to add a little shine to your hair while cutting styling time in half? The ionic dryer might be the answer; it claims to do just that and more!  

MAC Cosmetics & Archie Comics pair up to launch a new 2013 line

Do you channel Betty or Veronica? 
Well now that Archie Comics has announced they will be pairing up with MAC Cosmetics to launch a new line called "MAC Archie's Girls" you can find out. The line is actually said to celebrate the iconic looks of Betty and Veronica and you can expect to see it hit shelf's in the U.S. around February 2013 before going international in Spring. 

10 Wonderfully Weird Hair & Nail Secrets

Lets face it, women want to look great all the time, but that does not mean we enjoy the continuous process of trying to look good. Most of us will take all the help we can get, which is exactly why when I came across the article "10 Weird but Wonderful Hair & Nail secrets" on I knew I had to share it on my blog.


When you're in a jam and desperate for hair or nail help, the perfect fix can come from some highly unexpected places. Whether you tore a nail and can't get to the salon, need a manicure to dry fast, or forgot your curling iron before a big event, there's slightly bizarre but excellent assistance for you when you keep reading.

Luster Busters - The Saboteur & The Savior for Shiny Healthy Hair

A few seemingly harmless habits could be sucking the life - and all that brilliant light - from your hair.
Luster Buster - Shiny Healthy Hair

Cuticle Care: The Do's & Don'ts of Keeping Them Tamed

Doctors forbid it, but manicurists persist: Cutting the cuticles makes fingers and toes look well-groomed, is it really so bad?

Cuticle Care: The Do's & Don'ts of Keeping Them Tamed

Even the boldest polish can't distract from jagged, ragged cuticles. But grooming them can be tricky. 
Push back the cuticles too forcefully or cut them, and you can cause damage to the nail, potentially making a white spot or divot appear a few weeks later. 

10-Step Guide to Perfect Makeup

Even the most basic makeup look will take 10 steps to perfection. Learn all the steps to perfect skin here!
10-step guide to perfect makeup